Shadow War
The Shadow War
Historical information
Beginning 146 ABY
Major battles

Jedi Factions:

Sith Factions:

  • Acolytes of Darkness
  • Ancient Sith Empire
  • Dominion of Darkness
  • One Sith

Galactic Federation Triumvirate





  • Grand Master Kahlan
  • Master Dil Finwerk
  • Knight Rid Malt


  • Darth Insipid
  • Darth Helinith

True Sith:

  • Darth Cruor
  • Darth Nemesis


  • Darth Malkuth
  • Darth Mystique

One Sith:

  • Darth Nihl


  • Admiral Gar Stazi
  • Empress Marasiah Fel
  • Jedi Master K'Kruhk

The Battle of New Korriban is over. The colony of the Dominion of Darkness and Dragons has been eliminated by the Acolytes of Darkness-led forces of the Sith Imperium, killing many on both sides. Fleeing from New Korriban, the flagship of the Sith armada, the Dark Renewal, is hunted by the Acolytes, and now the Dominion has fallen into the territory of the Chiss Ascendancy - but that territory doesn't just bring with it the threat of discovery, but a new opponent, also vying for superiority in the darkness...

... but these all represent new dangers, new Terrors, founded in the years preceding the reign of Emperor Krayt, and there are much older dangers than those to hand - the Ancient Sith Empire, created from Sith who claim lineage back to 100,000 BBY, lurks, freed from its slumber by stirrings in the Force following the Battle of Endor...

... but then, elsewhere, the light is regaining ground, in the re-establishment of the Jedi Temple of the Guardians of Light, and in the travels of the New Jedi Trials, aboard the Chu'unthor II, seeking to create a bastion of light in anticipation of returning to the known galaxy – as they both stumble into the waiting darkness...

... the Obscurum - who are not just out for the blood of their fellow Chiss, but for the entire galaxy...