Temple of Light
Temple of Light
General information
Location Saridona Prime
Physical specifications
Height 230 meters
Width 800 meters
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Light

The Temple of Light was the headquarters of the Guardians of Light from the conclusion of the Force Cold War through the Shadow War and during that time was home to its major training, bureaucratic and dormitory facilities. Solely operated by the Order, the Temple was sealed to all but the Jedi and their allies, with very few public areas. The complex would be abandoned at the time of the Second Imperial Civil War when the Order felt an impending darkness that was encroaching on their secluded sanctuary. Upon the return of Josch Decinchi, the Temple was inhabited once again by the Guardians.


Layout and architectureEdit

The shape of the Temple is a regular octagon that is 800 meters wide and more than 100 meters tall (which does not include the highest point of the pylons). Surrounding the Temple’s main structure are four pylons that were approximately 114 meters wide. Atop of the Temple was the 'Beacon of Light' which is a massive light source that projected a beam of light into space on special occasions. It was used annually at the Padawan Inauguration ceremony and when all Jedi needed to return to the Temple.


Each pylon contained 2 massive hanger bays and several smaller ones. These hangers served the various comings and goings and a few are leased to stores, and one large hanger is dedicated to producing and repairing ships for the Jedi if a store is unable to so.

Living AreasEdit

Above the Grand Hall are the Dorms, connected via walkways and turbolifts. The dormitories took up about one-third of the whole of the Temple. The Master Dormitories and the Council Chambers are located directly over the Dorms. These areas were off limits without special permission. Directly above this was the 'Beacon of Light'.

Grand HallEdit

The Grand Hall was 8 stories high and it was lined with pillars. On the same level as the Great Hall were several private meditation chambers, the Library, 2 briefing centers, and the Tactical Combat Center.


The hangers are directly connected to one of the several layers of the Promenade which was the 'center' of the Temple. It contained a massive artificial lake in which the Temple Training Facilities and Meditation Gardens resided. The Promenade level, which was 8 stories (36.6 meters, approx. 120 ft) high, was directly below the Grand Hall and had an ‘artificial sky’ to simulate the outside. One of the several chambers that encircled the Promenade was an Animal Sanctuary, which was established by Ryi Kor'le.
Training Facility

Training Facility

Defenses and UtilitiesEdit

Several stories underneath the ground were the power systems for the Temple, water reclamation, molecular furnaces, and waste disposal systems. The Temple had various defensive weapons on its outside, was airtight, had a powerful shield system, and several power cores.

Behind the ScenesEdit