Temple of Life
Temple of Life
General information
Constructed c. 20 BBY
Destroyed 12 ABY
Location Goreh
Physical specifications

The Temple of Life was the homebase of the Galactic Defenders during the Force War of Goreh and during that time was home to its major training, bureaucratic and dormitory facilities. Solely operated by the Order, the Temple was sealed to all but the Jedi and their allies.


The old Jedi Order sent a small group out to the Unknown Regions to a planet called Goreh where they established the Temple of Life. Their mission was not recorded in any of the Jedi Council’s official records so the Defenders were spared from the Great Jedi Purge.

Layout and architectureEdit

The woods are thick, and the mountains jagged and perilous. Wildlife dominates the Wood of Goreh, which is lined with a heavy mist from the ever present rain. It is hot, humid and heavy. After a long, trying journey through Goreh, Mount Jiran must be scaled. It is windy, sporting gusts strong enough to blow anyone off the summit. Only a Jedi can exhibit enough control to maintain his or her footing. Finally, the Valley of Sdor. Sdor is barren and dark. Statues and obelisques of legendary Jedi are dimly lit by flame that never extinguishes. The valley leads to a cave, or so it seems... Upon entering the cave, the Temple of Life is revealed.

Temple of Life 1

The temple itself is dark to camouflage it and has a balcony over the front entrance from which one can see the goings on below. The outside structure is made of smooth stone going up several stories on all sides.

Upon entrance to the temple you will find the grand hall, in the middle of which is a large round stone table with no seats. The room itself is spacious with much room for formal meetings as well as private conversations.  The temple, out of necessity, held a small prison near the back of the first floor so that sith, aprehended during battle, could be brought back and tried justly. 

When one turned right, one would find a hallway that led to the med bay as well as a mid-size canteen, both of which were run by droids, as well as a few members from time to time. The med bay itself was unremarkable, holding six beds and one bacta tank. The canteen was served by one droid and fed all jedi and visitors.  

The second floor was relegated to sleeping quarters which were primarily for private use, while all conversation usually happened in other parts of the temple.

Beneath the temple, moving out through the mountains and to the forest around it from a hidden location lay catacombs, large, long tunnels of forgotten usage that saved many of the Galactic Defenders near the end of the War against the New Sith Order.

Behind the ScenesEdit