Saridona Prime
Saridona Prime
Astrographical information
Region Unknown Region
System Saridona System
Suns Saridana
Orbital position 3rd
Moons 3
Grid coordinates
XYZ coordinates
Trade routes
Distance from Core
Rotation period 25 standard hours
Orbital period 366 days
Physical description
Class Terrestrial
Atmosphere Type I Breathable
Climate Temperate
Gravity Standard
Primary terrain
  • Mountains
  • Oceans
  • Forests
Surface water 56% coverage
Pointes of interest
Societal information
Native specie(s)
Immigrated specie(s)
Primary language(s)
Major citie(s)
Major import(s)
Major export(s)
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Light

Saridona Prime was a habitable, and very lush world left off most galactic maps.

Description Edit

The surface of Saridona Prime is covered in snowcapped mountain ranges with coniferous forests lying in the valleys between each range. There are several rivers that have cut through the ranges. However, since there were no indigenous sentient life forms, there are no sentient created passes. This meant that travel would have to occur either along the rivers or over the mountains.

It was the location of the Temple of Light, a self sufficient colony and temple of the Guardians of Light. It had no sentient species that have yet been recorded and was mostly untouched. The temple was located in the area known as the Valley of Light.