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Royal Family of Vernet
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King , the First


King Neich


Maz Verlin



The Royal Family of Vernet was a family of nobles who ruled the Erphae of the planet of Vernet. Due to their peoples racial ability of longevity most reigned for several decades if not centuries. Most changes in the throne resulted from assassination.

The throne was created when the city of Maz-Verlin had grown so much that the people no longer trusted their appointed leadership. They felt a need to elect a king to rule over not only the people of Maz-Verlin but the entire peoples of Vernet. The Tribal leaders and the head of the Ergwaz would frequently travel to Maz-Verlin to pay homage to the king. The throne was passed down from the king to his progeny through royal birthright.

A time came when the reigning king had four children. In order to prevent the blood shed that had plagued past generations of the royal family, the king decided to grant his three younger children lands of their own. They created three of the four great kingdoms: the Barony of Notrevlis, the Duchy of Doryloh, and the March of Nevanhew.

Around the same time there had been a division in the Rock-tree Clan of those who wanted to live in a city rather than the nomadic life that had become the Clans tradition. They split off and created the fourth great kingdom: the County of Slue Bah. The Clans saw the four kingdoms as a way for the aristocracy to replace them, so they stopped paying homage to the kings becoming completely autonomous.

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