Kringem is the Erphaean language term for grappling (wrestling). In the context of the Erpaean school of martial arts kringem refers to unarmed combat in general, including grappling techniques used as part of swordsmanship.

Unarmed combat was divided in two categories, sportive grappling or ligisselig kringem and serious unarmed combat or pankringem (where pan is the Early Erphaean term for "duel").

While sportive grappling had fixed rules that prohibited dangerous techniques, usually starting in grappling hold and ending with a throw or submission, pankringem can be considered a system of unarmed self-defense including punches, joint-locks, elbow strikes, chokeholds, headbutts and (to a limited extent) kicks.

Many masters combined fencing and wrestling into a specialized branch of pankringem called kringem da vertshr ("grappling at the sword"), designed to be used during armed combat. This included closing techniques, disarms, weapon-seizures, pommel-strikes, and weapon-aided joint-locks.

Josch Decinchi utilized a form of kringem in the hanger bay of the Johnny Boy against one of the Queens' Guardsmen. He placed the Guardsman that stood by into a chokehold while his counterpart moved against Aurora Cradmoon.