Energetic and willing to help whenever needed, Joda was a great addition to the Galactic Defenders.

Joda Heron
Joda Heron
Biographical information
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Duros
Gender Male
Hair Color None
Eye Color Red
Skin color Blue
Chronological and political information
Affiliation(s) Galactic Defenders
Master(s) Angelic Peace Kun
Padawan(s) Barbatis Rahl

Biography Edit

Joda Heron began his time with the Galactic Defenders an initiate and soon thereafter was taken on as a padawan by Angelic Peace Kun.

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Clothing Edit

Tanned rancor skin jacket over a mechanics jumpsuit.


Behind the Scenes Edit

Joda Heron is the player character designed by LordJoda-181 for use in several role playing games on Jedi Council Forums