Ian Thrace
Ian Thrace
Biographical information
Homeworld Saridona Prime
Date of Birth 126 ABY, Corellia
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.79 meters
Hair Color Sandy Blonde
Eye Color
Skin color Fair
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Legacy era

Ian Thrace is an initiate of the Guardians of Light. In an attempt to escape a Dungeon ship he crashlanded on Saridona Prime where he came upon Master Treysk Jay'su.

Biography Edit

Ian's earliest memories are as a four year old child watching the Temple at Ossus burn while under attack from Krayt's forces. He was taken by a Jedi knight and escaped the destruction. They hid on various worlds, trying to stay out of the spotlight as Ian began some rudimentary training in Telekinesis and Force camouflage, areas in which he seemed quite adept.

Five years later, hiding on Coruscant, they were tracked down by a Mandalorian Bounty Hunter. Ian's master was slaughtered before his own eyes. Ian fled and ended up joining a criminal gang where his meager skills were put to use as a con artist and pick pocket. After that the force no longer spoke to him and his skills diminished. Six months ago he and his gang were captured by the police and were eventually sent to a penal moon. On the way, a prison riot broke out, and Ian used the opportunity to escape and seal himself alone on the bridge. He watched on the security monitors as the prisoners and guards killed each other off, leaving him alone on the ship.

It was then that the force finally spoke to him, telling him the co-ordinates of Saridona Prime. Upon arrival, the prison barge crashed and he was forced to use an escape pod to survive.

Personality and traits Edit

Ian is very unsure of himself. He was forced to hide for years, and then was used by a criminal gang who always put him down and kept him under their thumb. He has almost no skill at combat and shies away from it and confrontation at all costs. He is adept at telekinesis, but he is only able to lift small objects. Though he has the ability, he lacks the confidence in himself to lift larger ones.

Equipment Edit


Weapons Edit

One blue lightsaber and one green training lightsaber

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Behind the Scenes Edit

Ian is the Player Character designed by Gotab to be used in several different Role Playing Games hosted on Jedi Council Forums