Hawkon Pearlsaber
Biographical information
Homeworld Rori
Date of Birth 113 ABY
Date of Death
Known Aliases Hawk
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin color
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Legacy
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Light
Hawkon "Hawk" Pearlsaber was born on Rori, a moon of Naboo, in the city of Narmle in 112 ABY. He is the son of farmers. In his young adulthood, he became involved with the Guardians of Light Jedi Order and was trained to be a Jedi.

Early LifeEdit

Hawk was born to Charles and Cindy Pearlsaber, who were some of the first colonists following the Galactic Civil War. They came to the moon after many skirmishes by the Empire, in attempts to settle populate it again. The Pearlsabers were farmers who lived a meager lifestyle and focused on growing food, in hopes of selling it to Naboo for a profit. 

Hawk was expected to do daily chores around the farm, mainly keeping fields plowed, watered, etc.

At 16, Hawk attempted to find a present for his Mother's birthday. While in the field, he saw a bright yellow flower to give to her. He plucked it, put it in a vase, and placed it next to the dinner that he made for her. While waiting for her to come, a petal from the flower fell onto her plate.

While enjoying her birthday with her family, Cindy accidently ingested the petal which fell onto her plate. The flower was actually a coma-bloom, which is very poisionous. She turned pale and fell to the floor. Shocked, Hawk got down on the floor and put his hand on his mother. As a result, she awakened and was never again affected by the poison. 

It was after this event that Hawk's family realized that something was different about him. 

Jedi TrainingEdit

At 22, Hawk became acquainted with the Guardians of Light and became a Jedi. Little is known as to how he came in contact with the Order.