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The Guardians of Light Wiki is a community that aims to create the best resource for the various characters, sites, and games within the Guardians of Light community. The Guardians of Light are a Jedi related discussion and roleplaying community within the Star Wars fanon that have many different characters, topics of discussion and roleplaying games, originating from the Expanded Universe Community on the Jedi Council Forums.

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"I’m sorry Dovey, but I just can’t help but notice you seem to have a strange connection to Voj. It’s almost as if you like being made uncomfortable by him. Is there something going on with the two of you?"
Josch Decinchi questioning Dovey Lahana about her 'kinship' with Voj Velkin

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Temple of Light.png
The Temple of Light was the headquarters of the Guardians of Light from the conclusion of the Force Cold War through the Shadow War and during that time was home to its major training, bureaucratic and dormitory facilities. Solely operated by the Order, the Temple was sealed to all but the Jedi and their allies, with very few public areas. The complex would be abandoned at the time of the Second Imperial Civil War when the Order felt an impending darkness that was encroaching on their secluded sanctuary. Upon the return of Josch Decinchi, the Temple was inhabited once again by the Guardians. Read Article...

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Abydos is an arid planet in the Unknown Regions of the Galaxy, primarily covered in desert. The only variation is a single planet wide ocean along the equator, that takes up about a quarter of the planet's surface. Abydos has a small population, so very few cities exist on the planet, leaving the majority of it untouched. It is the homeworld of Daniel Sandstrider and his sister Lenea Sandstrider. Read Article...

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