Galactic Defenders
Organizational information
Title of Leader Grandmaster
Governing Body The Council
Other positions
Organization(s) New Jedi Order
Headquarter(s) Temple of Life
Official Language(s) Galactic Basic Standard
Affiliated organizations/governments
Holy Text(s) The Jedi Code
Deities Light side of the Force
Historical information
Date of founding c.12 ABY
Planet of founding Goreh
Founder Booster Errant
Date of collapse(s) c.99 ABY
"I have worked hard to establish the Galactic Defenders as a formidable force of Jedi in the galaxy. Master Skywalker is pleased with us, and has recognised us fully as the task force to be employed against the Sith. That was my goal. It has been reached."
Booster Errant to Corran Starthorne before turning leadership of the Order over to him.

The Galactic Defenders were a task force of the New Jedi Order, and sworn enemy of the New Sith Order.

The History Edit

Departing the Jedi Order Edit

The Force War of GorehEdit

Main article: Force War of Goreh

The Force War of Goreh was a series of engagements between the Galactic Defenders, a task force of the New Jedi Order, and the New Sith Order. It started off as a simple negotiation over the return of a Sith deserter that quickly escalated into a full scale war across the galaxy.

The Return of the Ancient OneEdit

Imperial DreamsEdit

The Force Cold WarEdit

Learning and teaching the ways of the ForceEdit


1. I shall not break the Jedi Code

2. I shall live for the good of others, protecting them with a swift and just hand,

3. I shall be courteous to authority figures, respecting them at all times.

4. I shall leave those who do not wish to fight out of fights.

5. I shall defend. Even if defend means attack.

6. I shall resist the darkside and oppose it everywhere I go.

Lightsaber trainingEdit

Lightsaber training was essential for all padawans. It began with training lightsabers and was overseen either by the padawan's own master or another master in a class setting.

Lightsaber constructionEdit

Roster of the Galactic DefendersEdit

As of c.99 ABY:
(ω=confirmed dead);





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