Gaan Be'orar
Gaan Be'orar
Biographical information
Homeworld Mandalore
Date of Birth 125 ABY
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Height 1.69 meters
Hair Color Dark blonde
Eye Color Sea-green
Skin color Fair
Chronological and political information

Gaan Be'orar is a Mandalorian Jedi Knight, and a Jedi Guardian of the Guardians of Light. She was born on Mandalore, but raised by the Jedi Order from a very young age. Leaving the Forces of Light Jedi Academy on Coruscant at twenty, she spent some time alone in the Unknown Regions before finding her way to Saridona Prime.

Biography Edit

Personality and traitsEdit

Gaan tends to remain silent except when speaking is necessary, and keeps to herself as much as possible. She tends to be defiant at times, and usually only gives what information is asked for. She doesn't talk about her past at all if she can avoid it, but tries to help others when she can, though she struggles even to do that now. She tends to form bonds with others very easily, and is a powerful telepath.

Powers and abilities Edit

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

One single-bladed, short-hilted lightsaber

Two vibroshivs

Spring knives in gauntlets

Starships Edit

The Werdla Orar, an RC-2 Twilight Scoutship

Clothing Edit

Chestnut-brown Jedi cloak with hood. Black leather boots and fingerless gauntlets. Black, sleeveless, form-fitting top and close-fitting pants. Black leather utility belt.

Various other black ensembles, most of them revealing and form-fitting.


Force Bonds Edit

Gaan is bonded to two men, one a Sith and one her Jedi partner. Both of them she left behind when she left Coruscant and the Jedi Order there, but they still enter her thoughts, often at inconvenient times. Both bonds are shut down, and she refuses to open them, not wanting to deal with her past.

The Sith Lord often thinks of the oppurtunity that was lost and what could have been.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Gaan Be'orar is the player character made by The_Zeltron for use in several RPGs on the Jedi Council Forums