Designation Sentient
Classification Near-Humans
Diet Omnivore
Language Galactic Basic
Height of average adult
Average length
Average wingspan
Average mass
Skin color
Hair color
Eye color
Average lifespan

Firrerreo (also referred to as Firrerreon), were Near-Humans indigenous to the planet Firrerre.



Special Racial Traits

A Firrerreon can live for hundreds of years, but, due to the rarity of the species, no one knows the exact age range.

Firrerreons' eyes have nictitating membranes that close when encountering sudden bursts of bright light or uncommon levels of debris in the air and can see into the ultraviolet spectrum of light.

Firrerreon's were also deceptively strong. Even weakened and starving, a Firrerreon could accomplish physical feats beyond what most species were capable of under the same conditions.

Firrerreon's ears heard well into the upper spectrum.

Firrerreons believed that one could 'own' another's name, and therefore would almost never give out their name to another, unless it was their mate or close friend - "Firrerreo" was used as common pseudonym in conversation. Speaking another's name was considered a form of power over that individual, and so they would do so at any chance they had.

Some Firrerreo have gold-colored skin which can turn silver when angry or afraid.

Due to their unique physiology, Firrerreons can heal from all wounds except those that cause direct injury to the heart or brain. Minor wounds would take minutes to heal while major ones would take a few hours.