Feitshansbuzziv "Buzz"
Biographical information
Homeworld Skor II
Date of Birth 131 ABY
Date of Death 146 ABY
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Squib
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Skin color
Chronological and political information
Era(s) Legacy era
"Apologies dark armor, I listened to your problem without meaning to. But I hear that you might need a ride to a planet you cannot find. I happen to have a ship that finds things that are lost. I would like to give you a ride, would you like to come?"
― Buzz when initially meeting Seanna Vel

Feitshansbuzziv was one half of the scavenger team that the Journeyman Knight Seanna Vel hired to find Saridona Prime and Voj Velkin.

Biography Edit

Buzz is a Squib, the packrats of the galaxy. Once he had saved up enough credits to modify the archaic freighter, he wandered the Unknown Region. He knew that most of his competition concentrated their efforts in the known galaxy so he tried to find uncharted planets to find most of his ‘treasures’. Unfortunately he has been unsuccessful in finding any diamonds in the rough planetary-wise. He joined forces with Vikkrinski when he made a trip to the Corellian system to sell some of his wares on Drall. The two of them now journey together, collecting spare parts left floating in space after the many battles that have raged in recent days.

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Feitshansbuzziv is a Non-Player Character designed by CPL_Macja to be used in a Role Playing Game hosted on Jedi Council Forums