Designation Sentient
Classification Near-Humans
Homeworld Vernet
Diet Omnivore
Language Galactic Basic
Height of average adult
Average length
Average wingspan
Average mass
Skin color Lightly tanned to Darkly tanned
Hair color Blonde, Black, Brunette
Eye color Blue, Grey, Hazel
Distinctions Pointed ears
Average lifespan 800 standard Galactic years

Erphae were Near-Humans indigenous to Vernet.

Description Edit

Outwardly, the Erphae were similar in appearance to Human stock, but had large, pointed ears. The Erphae were a long-lived species, with elder individuals living for more than 300 years, possibly up to 400. Their skin was natually tan

History Edit

They were once Sephi who were banished. A small group of young Sephi began a revolt against the ruling family. When their revolution was suppressed they were exiled from Thustra. The rabble rousers were all sealed into a long range freighter and sent away.

The Sephi had input a random coordinate that would erase once they arrived at their final destination. At this time hyperspace routes were being discovered and plotted. Thustra had not yet foraged into the know galaxy and was isolated from the core worlds.

The group of exiles crash landed on Vernet, a planet that was heavily forested and lacked true mountain ranges. Sephi traditionally lived in cavernous areas in and under the mountains. These exiles were forced to adapt and lived amongst the trees deep in the forest.

They eventually built up their society and developed farms in the open spaces of the forest. Vernet was eventually found by traders and was added to the many agriworlds in the Expansion Region. For a short time they had been the chief exporters of Hete Grain used in several alcoholic beverages and breads.

Special Racial Traits Edit

Pointed ears that are able to hear slightly better compared to Human stock. They have longevity and appear 1/10th their chronological age. Most can jump an extra-ordinary height and have extremely good balance. However they are not able to lift heavy weights, and cannot run for long distances or over long periods of time.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Erphae were a species designed by CPL_Macja to be used in several different Role Playing Games and Fan Fictions hosted on the Jedi Council Forums and the EUC Jedi offsite. The race of the Erphae is completely original. They are based on the various types of elves found in the several different mythologies, folklores, and fantasy stories.

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