Dovey Lahana
Dovey Lahana
Biographical information
Homeworld Kinooine
Date of Birth 46 BBY
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Firrerreo
Gender Female
Height 1.65 meters
Hair Color Dark Red and Brunette-striped
Eye Color Emerald Green
Skin color Gold-toned, silver-toned when afraid, angry or embarrassed
Chronological and political information
"I’m sorry Dovey, but I just can’t help but notice you seem to have a strange connection to Voj. It’s almost as if you like being made uncomfortable by him. Is there something going on with the two of you?"
Josch Decinchi questioning Dovey about her 'kinship' with Voj Velkin

Quick-thinking and always on the move, Dovey doesn't know what she wants for her future, except that it contain very little of the past.

Biography Edit

Born on the planet Kinooine in 46ABY.

60ABY-Dovey is captured by slavers and sold to a dark figure who trains her to use her connection to the force.

76ABY-Dovey becomes a knight

83ABY-Dovey escapes in her Master’s ship

91ABY- Dovey locates Miria.

91ABY-Dovey leaves to find her own destiny.

100ABY-After much travel, her former master finds Dovey and drags her back, using physical damage as a means of control.

128ABY-Dovey is struck by visions of what will happen at Ossus. Her Master threatens that if she does not obey things will become more difficult for her.

129ABY-Dovey is given her first opponent which rapidly becomes a daily occurrence.

135ABY-Dovey becomes used to the training rituals and feels that they are making her into what she will become, whether she likes it or not.

140ABY-Dovey attempts escape and is successful once more, but is caught in the backlash of her upbringing.

142ABY -Dovey uses her chameleon-like abilities to melt into the background, changing every aspect of herself, including her skin color to become an Imperial officer.

146ABY-Dovey slips out of her assumed role and heads to another planet to discover what it holds when she feels a familiar presence.

146ABY-Dovey finds her sister, Miria, along with the Guardians of Light.

Personality and traitsEdit

Mysterious and unknown, Dovey keeps her cards close to her chest, although she has a soft spot for her sister, Miria.

Powers and abilities Edit

Force Powers Edit

Able to sense the future through visions. She has excellent potential for healing others. Adept at telekinesis and telepathy.

Special Racial Abilities Edit

Ability to heal from anything that does not directly effect the heart or brain, has nictitating membranes that can cover the eyes to protect from high levels of dust or debris in the air as well as bright flashes of light as well as allowing them to see into the ultra-violet spectrum.

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Two Lightsabers - green


Starships Edit

Modified G-1A Transport - 'Ancient Haven'

Dovey keeps a pendant on a chain around her neck at all times which, by turning 360 degrees, it becomes the access key to disarm the ship's automated defense systems.

Clothing Edit

Varies between blues and green, and all black, depending on what the situation calls for.


Miria Lahana is her twin sister.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Dovey Lahana is the Player Character created by BultarSwan for use in several different role playing games on Jedi Council Forums.

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