Deak Alder
Deak Alder
Biographical information
Homeworld Corellia/Vorspell
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Green
Skin color tanned
Chronological and political information
Master(s) Kennis

Deak Alder was one of the first Galactic Defenders.

Biography Edit

Personality and traitsEdit

Courageous and daring, excellent in duels, and search and rescue. Led as a Jedi Councilor.

Powers and abilities Edit

Force Powers Edit


Lightsaber Combat Edit

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Lightsabers One, single-bladed green lightsaber
  • Air-2 Racing Swoop

Starships Edit

Clothing Edit

Jedi Robes, light pants and dark boots.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Deak Alder is the Player Character designed by DeakAlder to be used in several different Role Playing Games hosted on Jedi Council Forums and one other offshoot website that is no longer active.