Daniel Sandstrider
Daniel Sandstrider
Biographical information
Homeworld Abydos
Date of Birth 113ABY
Date of Death
Known Aliases Danny
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Hazel
Skin color White
Chronological and political information
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Light

Abydonian Confederation

Galactic Alliance


Daniel Sandstrider is a Jedi Knight and Commander of the Abydonian Navy. He is in service with the Guardians of Light at the Temple of Light.


Born and raised on Abydos, Daniel was brought up in the shadow of the Temple of the Savior, whom he was named after.

He was always staring at the stars from the Temple’s entrance however, and holding an ancient lightsaber that had been found buried inside it. His only dream was to own his own ship and journey amongst the stars, but Abydos was a poor world, so it was nearly impossible. Daniel would quite likely have been stranded on the desert planet for the rest of his life, if fate hadn’t intervened one day. A small cargo freighter crashed near the Temple, and was remarkably intact after the impact. Daniel wasn’t a good mechanic, but his friends were, and they helped him repair the ship. Using some ancient drawings inside the temple, Daniel taught himself the basics of flight.

But if an old R4 model droid hadn’t been inside the ship he never would have left the Abydos system. With help from R4-C7, Daniel left his home behind, only taking a select few friends and the ancient lightsaber. Using the freighter and some natural diplomatic skills, the young Abydonian was able to make a living and even start to become wealthy. With the advent of the Second Imperial Civil War, Daniel found his former job as a merchant to be unhealthy. He was soon drafted into the Imperial Navy, flying starfighters against the Sith.

But Daniel was not content to serve the Empire. He well remembered the stories of his homeland, and how it had been saved by Jedi…the heirloom he still carried was proof of that. So as soon as he had the chance, the Abydonian defected from the Navy and stole back his freighter. As it turned out, luck favored the young man, and he was able to procure a heavily modified Corellian Corvette. The vessel was very old, but the Abydonian was much safer and more secure, especially once he gathered his old friends and other people from his homeworld to crew the vessel, renamed the Redemption…in honor of how his namesake had redeemed the Abydonian people.

This ship would go through many adventures with the GAR, until eventually the War ended and Daniel was able to leave the service. As a gift for his hard work, the older Abydonian was granted a new vessel…an old Nebula-class Star Destroyer, fittingly keeping the name Redemption. The first thing he did with the 'new' vessel was return home to Abydos. He found the planet struggling to form its own Navy as the destruction of the Sith lead to numerous pirate raids. Daniel helped establish a fledgling fleet, lead by his own Redemption.

With that done, he moved to an old space station that had served as a listening post for the Guardians of Light (whom Daniel had met during his travels), and the young man waited for a call for help. And that call would soon arrive…leading him back to Saridona Prime, where he is once again working with the Guardians of Light.</p>




Daniel is kind, and not quick to anger. He is generally regarded as the most easy going and relatable member of his family, and does the best to keep everyone happy. He is a bit formal however, still referring to people who have the same rank as him by their formal titles (ex. Commander Tehanis, Master Lahana) as opposed to their first names.

He is smart, but doesn't try and show it off. The most he has done in that regard is help develop a lightsaber training manual for the Guardian's Initiates, and his own custom lightsaber Form called 'Flowing River'.


Behind the ScenesEdit

Daniel is the character developed by Skywalker_T-65 for various Role Playing games on the Force.Net Boards.