Beskaryc Taab
Beskaryc Taab
Biographical information
Homeworld Saridona Prime
Date of Birth 100 ABY, Mandalore
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.93 meters
Hair Color
Eye Color
Skin color
Chronological and political information

Beskaryc Taab is the Head of Security for the Guardians of Light’s home, the Temple of Light.

Biography Edit

Born in 100 ABY. Normal Mandalorian childhood became a mercenary at 13. Never really cared who he worked for or what the job was, so long as it paid on time. In 127ABY he took the order from new mand'alor Yaga Auchs to not get involved in the Sith-Imperial War as loosly as possible. He continued to take out bounties on individual Jedi, Imperial Knights as well as minor Sith, among others, though he never technically participated in the war. A father and grandfather, his one biological son is a test pilot for MandalMotors. Beskaryc's wife became ill in 136 ABY, so he went to be at her side and work the family farm. She died ten years later and he left Manda'yaim to take on a mysterious job near Chiss Space.

Personality and traits Edit

Gruff mercenary, doesn't care about making friends, is just in it for the money.

Equipment Edit

Beskaryc Taab

Beskaryc without his beskar'gam


Full beskar Mandalorian armor, painted OD Green and gray. It is equipped with a jet pack which contains a CBU warhead rocket.

Weapons Edit

Normally carries a blaster carbine and disruptor pistol, but his shuttle has a full armory. Also normally wears Crushgaunts, flame projector in left gauntlet, blaster in right gauntlet. There are assorted blades hidden throughout his armor. Poison darts in his greaves. He carries a Bes'bev and a lightsaber trophy on his belt.

Starships Edit

Clothing Edit

Personalized, full Mandalorian armor.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Beskaryc is the Player Character designed by Bardan_Jusik to be used in several different Role Playing Games hosted on Jedi Council Forums

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