Angelic Kun
Angelic Peace Kun
Biographical information
Homeworld Iego
Date of Birth 15 BBY
Date of Death
Known Aliases
Physical description
Species Human / Angel
Gender Female
Height 5' 10"
Hair Color Strawberry Blond; long
Eye Color Emerald
Skin color Light
Chronological and political information
Affiliation(s) Galactic Defenders
Master(s) Anadol

Angelic Peace Kun, also known as Angel, was the Sith Ambassador for the Galactic Defenders and a healer. Angel was skilled in battle yet had a gentle spirit.

Biography Edit

Angelic was born on the peaceful planet of Naboo to Hope Karroni and her husband, a relative of Padme Naberrie. She lived there until the age of two when she was discovered by the Jedi Master Anadol. He took her in and trained her in the ways of the force. At the age of fourteen, Master Anadol was killed in battle by a Sith. She was sent from there to her cousin Luke’s Jedi Academy where she continued training until the age of seventeen when she took and passed the trials, becoming a Jedi knight. At the age of eighteen, she adopted as a sister Ponta Parvil. After joining the Galactic Defenders she became a Master and was given a role as a healer and ambassador.

Personality and traitsEdit

48% Angel and 52% Human.

Powers and abilities Edit

Force Powers Edit

Telekinesis and Telepathy

Special Racial Abilities Edit

Could transport self and others instantly over long distances with enough concentration.

Equipment Edit

Weapons Edit

Two lightsabers, one yellow and the other dark blue. Speeder bike

Starships Edit

Black and silver A-Wing

Clothing Edit

Form fitting v-neck black shirt with loose long sleeves, wrist length black gloves, long hooded black outer robe, black pants and boots and two-inch-wide choker.


After several years with the Galactic Defenders, Angelic married Booster Errant

Behind the Scenes Edit

Angelic Peace Kun is the player character created by Angelic_308 for use in several rpgs on the jedi council community and several offshoot sites.