AF-01 Starstreak
Production information
Manufacturer Abydos Shipyards
Production line
Class Starfighter
Cost 100,000 Credits
Modified by
Technical specifications
System Modifications
Length 14.5 meters
Power plant/Depth
Maximum acceleration
MGLT 125
Maximum Speed (atmosphere)
Engine Unit(s) Incom 5L5 fusial thrust engines (4)
Hyperdrive Rating Class 1
Hyperdrive range
Hyperdrive system
Power output
Power plant
Hull Titanium Armor
Sensor systems Equivalent to an X-83 Twin-Tail
Targeting system Equivalent to an X-83 Twin-Tail
Navigation system Astromech Droid
Main computer(s)
  • Blaster Cannons (4)
  • Proton Torpedo launchers (2)
    • Proton Torpedoes (8, 4 in each launcher)
Docking bays
Escape craft
Minimum Crew
Cargo capacity
Cargo handling systems
Life support
Communication systems
Other systems
Role(s) Fighter
Era(s) Legacy Era
Earliest sighting
Latest sighting
Present for battles/events
Affiliation(s) Guardians of Light


Fleet Abydonian Navy
Known owner(s)
Registration number(s)
The AF-01 Starstreak is a starfighter developed by Abydos Shipyards and based on the old T-65 X-Wing and Z-95 Headhunter designs.


While building up their fledgling Navy, Abydonian shipwrights studied what starfighters they were able to procure. The most modern designs (the X-83 Twin-Tail and Predator class fighter) were extremly hard to come by, so the Abydonians made do with old X-Wings, and ancient Headhunters. These two old Incom designs were obsolete, but the designs themselves were sound. So Abydos Shipyards took the overall design, and modernized it.

The resulting fighter is known as the AF-01 Starstreak, and is far superior to its ancestors. While not as strong in weaponry or shields as a more modern Starfighter, it is faster and more agile than anything fielded by the major powers. The fighter is also far cheaper, and simpler to manufacture as it is based on an old design. This allows Abydos to build enough to outfit the ships in their small navy, and have a surplus that can be supplied to their allies (such as the Guardians of Light) if needed.


Based off the X-Wing and Headhunter, the Starstreak closely resembles those two fighters. The fuselage is highly similar to an X-Wing, with the exception of the torpedo launchers being situated in the nose. However, instead of the straight wing of the Headhunter, or the S-Foils of the X-Wing, the Starstreak has a single forward swept wing. This contributes to the fighters manuverablity, especially in an atmosphere.

The tips of the wings mount the four blaster cannons, in a similar layout to the X-Wing, though they are not kept apart by the S-Foils. This means that the Starstreak is more accurate, though it is harder to adjust the aim of the weapons. The engines however are mounted the exact same as on an X-Wing. They are more powerful than the older fighter, which allows the AF-01 to reach near un-heard of speeds.


While weaker in shielding and firepower than modern fighters, the Starstreak is highly agile and very fast. The nearest comparision would be describing it as an A-Wing in an X-Wing's clothes. With this speed, and its heavy torpedo load, the Starstreak can outmanuver enemy fighters, and use its targeting computer to send off a torpedo salvo at more heavily shielded fighters like the Twin-Tail, while its four blaster cannons can fire on less heavily shielded fighters like the Predator.

Behind the ScenesEdit

The Starstreak started as a random 3D model based off of the X-Wing and made by Skywalker_T-65 on the TFN boards. It has since graduated to a full-fledged design.